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6-inch Antique Brass Bell with 4-inch Wooden Handle - Vintage Home Decor & Call Bell Accessory

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Introducing our exquisite 6-inch Brass Bell with a 4-inch Wood Handle, the perfect addition to your vintage home decor collection. Measuring 6 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter, this solid, heavy-duty bell weighs 8 ounces, ensuring a lifetime of pleasure.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the brass bell exudes an antique charm that complements any interior setting. The 4-inch wooden handle is both elegant and comfortable, providing a secure grip for an effortless ring. This delightful bell serves as both a unique decorative piece and a practical call bell for getting someone's attention.

Ideal for collectors, homeowners, and antique enthusiasts, this 6-inch Brass Bell with Wood Handle will make a thoughtful gift or a captivating conversation starter. Add a touch of vintage charm to your home, office, or special event today!