"Handmade Brass, Tin & Metal Bells - Unique Crafts & Artifacts"

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"Bring the Beauty of India into Your Home: Brass/Tin Bells, Hanging Bells, and Indian Bedspreads"

Hanging Bells and Chimes Collection

Hanging Bells and Chimes Collection

Add a musical touch to your home décor with Bellbazaar.com's collection of... 

"Unleash the Beauty with Loose Bells"

"Unleash the Beauty with Loose Bells"

Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of our collection of hand-made collector's bells.... 

Ten percent of our profits are donated to charity. We support the education of underprivileged children.

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    We Support ‘Asha For Education!’

    Asha for Education has more than 50 chapters across 3 continents – all working towards the mission of ‘Socio-economic equality through the education of underprivileged children‘.

    Asha for Education 
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