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3-Inch Seven-Metals Tingsha Cymbal with Om Symbol

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This 3-inch Seven-Metals Tingsha Cymbal features the sacred symbol of Om, making it a meaningful addition to your meditation and yoga practice. Made from a blend of the seven metals of antiquity, including gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury, it is a special and meaningful item for spiritual and ceremonial use. The antique brass finish gives it a classic and timeless appearance. The Tingsha Cymbal is struck together to produce a clear and soothing tone that is said to promote peace and calm. The Om design symbolizes the sound of the universe and is considered to be an unlimited or eternal sound in Sanskrit philosophy. Use this cymbal during meditation, yoga, or sound healing to create a harmonious and serene environment, and enhance your spiritual practice. The larger size of this cymbal provides a longer, richer sound that fills your space with peaceful vibrations. This cymbal not only makes a beautiful piece for display, but also a useful tool for promoting inner peace and calm.