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Color-Enameled Seven-Metals Singing Bowls

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Enhance your meditation, yoga, or healing sessions with the soothing sounds of our Color-Enameled Seven-Metals Singing Bowls. This set of two bowls, priced per set of two bowls and two wooden mallets, is made from a unique combination of seven metals, producing a warm and harmonious tone. The small bowl measures 3.25" in diameter and 2.5" in height, while the larger bowl measures 5.25" in diameter and 3.25" in height.

Each bowl is expertly crafted and features a vibrant color-enameled finish that adds a touch of beauty to your space. The set weighs just 3.35 lbs, making it easy to move and transport for use wherever you need it.

Please note that cushions are sold separately. Bring a touch of peace and serenity to your practice with our Color-Enameled Seven-Metals Singing Bowls.