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Brass Dorje

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Introducing our Brass Dorje - a timeless symbol of power and wisdom. Made from high-quality brass, this Dorje is finished with an antique brass finish, creating a beautifully aged look. Available in three sizes - 3.5", 4.25", and 6.25" - this Dorje is the perfect complement to your 7-Metal Tibetan Bells.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje symbolizes the thunderbolt and represents the destruction of ignorance and the preservation of knowledge. The Dorje is also believed to represent the feminine and masculine principles, with the Dorje held in the right hand and the bell held in the left hand.

Bring a touch of tradition and meaning to your meditation or spiritual practices with our Brass Dorje. Please note that the display base is not included in the unit quantity. Order yours today and experience the power and wisdom of this timeless symbol!

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Really special

These are great- high quality and just helped elevate the space. Thank you for offering something special!

Glad to hear that our Single-Cut Embossed Brass Bells added that special touch to your space. Thank you for your kind words and support.